Innosilicon T3 50T

$2,150.00 $1,612.50 


Period /Day /Month /Year
Income $9.08 $272.40 $3,314.20
Electricity $7.44 $223.20 $2,715.60
Profit $1.64 $49.20 $598.60


Algorythm Hashrate Consumption Efficiency Profitability
SHA-256 50Th/s 3100W 0.062j/Gh $1.64/day 
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The Innosilicon T3 50T is a part of Innosilicon’s flagship series, the T3 series. It is an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining hardware with a top hash rate of 50Th/s and power consumption of 3100W. In July 2019, Innosilicon released the Terminator 3 50T as part of the Terminator 3 series.

Innosilicon is committed to producing ASIC miners, and they are known for their Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Decred, and Dash ASIC miners. Innosilicon has already launched multiple miners such as A4 Litecoin Miner, T2T-30T, T3-50T. Following the T3 50T is the T3 57T ASIC miner, which has a hash rate of 50Th/s and a power efficiency of 50W/T.

The T3 50T and 57T miners come with Innosilicon’s T3+ ASIC technology, which gives them increased efficiency, durability, and cooling abilities that guarantee longevity and reliability.

About Innosilicon T3 50T

The Innosilicon T3 50T is a bitcoin miner. Bitcoin is best mined with ASIC hardware. ASIC miners are miners built to mining cryptocurrencies based on the algorithm it works with. Since the T3 50T uses the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256) algorithm, this means it has about 40 minable coins, but its top coins are Bitcoin(BTC) and Bitcoin Cash(BCH).

ASIC miners can solve complicated mathematical problems that are important, guaranteeing fairness while keeping the network stable and secure.

Other crypto coins can use different algorithms, and there is specific ASIC hardware for mining their top coins. Another type of miner is the Graphics Processing Unit(GPU). This computer chip mines crypto coins regardless of the algorithm, making it more flexible, although the hash power it holds is less than that of ASICs.


The Innosilicon T3 50T has two modes the high-performance mode and the energy-saving mode. For the high-performance model, this miner can produce a top hash rate of 50Th/s and power consumption of 3100W. The energy mode goes down to as low as 33 Th/s with a power consumption of 1650W. Of course, most end users will prefer the high-performance mode, which promises faster hashes, but that means more power consumption.


It is advisable to use the energy-saving mode to reduce heat and noise or not handle the energy costs. The farm has to use proper cooling, dust filters, and a 16A AC cable to meet appropriate operating conditions. This miner has a humidity of <75%, uses an AC voltage of 210-240V. The power supply input current is 16A. It comes with a power supply unit, and it is specifically customized for the miner. Since end-users prefer varieties of plugs, the PSU doesn’t contain the 220V AC cable.

The customer can buy the standard IEC C19 AC power cable to go with the PSU. It comes with 10kg and a size of 272 x 203 x 268mm, which is the standard size for most miners. It works with two fans for cooling, which makes the mining operation go smoothly.

Fan and cooling

Air circulation and cooling is an important feature to consider when getting an ASIC miner. Due to the large amount of work they perform, there is a high risk of overheating. Manufacturers like Innosilicon reduce the risk by equipping miners with enough fans for adequate cooling. The Innosilicon T3 50T uses two 12cm fans at the rear for cooling.

Noise Level

The Innosilicon T3 50T has a noise level of 75db, which is quite normal. Most miners have a noise level of 60db to 80db. To better understand this, a noise level of 75 dB is equivalent to a vacuum cleaner’s sound.


To calculate the estimated profitability of an ASIC miner, one needs to look at all the coins it can mine on the algorithm. The Innosilicon T3 50T will profit depending on how the market favors the top coin and electricity rates in the area.


Innosilicon T3 50T Specs & Features
Manufacturer Innosilicon
Model T3 50T
Release July 2019
Top Coin Bitcoin
Size 272 x 203 x 268mm
Weight 10kg
Noise level 75dB
Fan(s) 2
Power 3100W
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature 5 – 45 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


How do these machines generate money?

A mining device uses powerful processors to solve the complex puzzles used to secure and validate transactions on a blockchain. By providing some of the global hash power needed, you receive rewards and get paid in crypto-currency. Then you can choose to keep coins or exchange it for other coins or currency.

Can anyone start mining crypto-currencies?

Yes, mining is becoming easier to setup and understand. But you should consider mining as a high-risk investment, the return on investment is not guaranteed, and the benefits are highly variable due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

What are the disadvantages of mining?

Most machines consume a lot of electrical energy, produce a significant amount of heat and generate a lot of noise.

You must choose your machines according to your ability to tolerate these three factors.

Safe place for your gain?

When you mine your gain will be stored in a wallet.

We recommend that you use a hardware wallet, to be the full owner of your coins.
Do not keep all your earnings in an online wallet (exchange, pool…).

The best known and most trusted hardware wallets are:
Trezor and Ledger.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform?

To convert specific coins into Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies you will have to go through an exchange service. There are many, here the most famous: BinanceHitBTCCEXKrakenBittrex.

Why is RAM essential for Ethereum mining?

In order to mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, your device must load a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) file into memory (RAM). This file grows over time, and when this file is larger than your available memory, you can no longer mine.

For example, here is a projection of the size of the DAG file for Ethereum:

– Over 4Gb on December 2020
– Over 6Gb on March 2024
– Over 8Gb on May 2027


How to understand profitability?

The real-time earnings show you the benefits you can expect from a device if you already owned and operated the miner.

This view allows you to see key information at a glance.

Can I change some local parameters in calculation?

Yes, in the ‘Local preferences’ section of the footer, you can:

  • Change default currency (USD, EUR, GBP, more to come…)
  • Electricity cost (price of KWh)

Why do profits change when I refresh the page?

Profits are calculated in real-time according to device specifications and external variables:

  • Network difficulty
  • Block reward
  • Coin value
  • Exchange rate

Displayed values are here to provide actual earnings information for each device for comparison purpose.

How is calculated ROI?

Return on investment (ROI) is the number of days between the purchase and the day you have generated enough income to equal the cost of the miner.

  • ROI = Time to release date + Delivery time + Number of days to break-even.

This forecast is for informational purpose only, due to market-dependent earnings.


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